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Mega Genius Package
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The Mega Genius Package includes:
  • Digital (mp3) Audio Downloads of 20+ Expert Training Sessions
    (a $580 value)
  • Digital (PDF) Downloads of Transcripts for 20+ Expert Training Sessions
    (a $97 value)
  • Digital (mp3) Audio Download and (PDF) Transcript of Special Bonus Session with Dr. Ginger Campbell
    (a $37 value)

Added Bonuses

  • Smart Notes Cheat Sheets – Digital Downloads of Our Exclusive Cheat Sheets for Every Expert Training Session so You Always Have Access to the Most Important Concepts. (a $67 value)
  • Reboot Your Brain Master Class — After the event, Join Host, Erin Matlock, in an Innovative Crash Course that Compresses 20+ Trainings Into One Convenient Class with Personal Notes and Extras. (a $97 value)
  • Share It With Two Friends Bonus – When You Upgrade Now, You Will Receive 2 Free Mega Genius Upgrades for Friends, Co-Workers or Family. (a $394 value)
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Reboot Your Brain is a worldwide online event featuring some of the world’s top experts in brain performance, Alzheimer’s disease, memory improvement, brain food and diet, mental health and neuroscience.

If you are dedicated to success, you are making the right choice by choosing to purchase all of the recordings, transcripts and bonuses for this special event price (limited time offer).
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